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PBC News & Comment Monday, July 16

The Rolling Stones turn 50!  Romney can’t explain when he actually left Bain–is it to avoid connection to Stericycle, the Bain investment that disposes of medical waste, incl. aborted fetuses?   Mother Jones and Alternet deserve credit for the Stericycle reporting

Also covered:

–Obama’s crackdown on whistleblowers now extends to FDA

–Libor scandal may lead to actual prosecutions of bankers

–as Peter van Buren detailed in his book, we squandered billions on reconstruction in Iraq; new inspector general report confirms it, back can’t even estimate how much

–group of 7 Afghans resigns due to corruption

–that smart phone is a tracker, just like an ankle bracelet

–NY Times lead editorial call for stronger regulation of privacy related to smart phones and GPS trackers

–Melissa Mayer jumps from Google to CEO of Yahoo

–Poppy Bush has a moment of candor regarding Grover Norquist

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