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Summer Folk Fest: Stephen Iverson Performs Songs with a Message; Will Durst on the “Care-Less” Party; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Savages’



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Singer, songwriter and zen furniture maker Stephen Iverson visits the secret studio, with songs inspired by the battle over health care, passive people, and the quest for peace.  Will Durst dubs the GOP the “Care-Less” party, and Gary Chew reviews Savages.Iverson was referred by Rev. Bev Brewster, after he played the song “That’s Not What Jesus Taught” in church after the recent Supreme Court ruling.  He plays two other songs and we chat about politics, hypocrisy and the dangers of religious extremism.  Here is the studio version of “That’s Not What Jesus Taught”:

At about 41 minutes, Will Durst rants about GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare.

At 43:10, Gary Chew reviews the new Oliver Stone movie, Savages.

Note:  I did not end up including a Roy Zimmerman song, as I had threatened in the opening.