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PBC News & Comment Thursday, July 19

Suicide bomber in Bulgaria had fake Michigan driver's license, Israel is certain he worked for Iran, but Bulgarian officials say there is no proof; Egyptian torture chief Omar Suleiman dies in Cleveland    Also:

--Russia and China veto UN resolution to sanction Syria

--FDA is not only US agency that spies on its employees

--Bradley Manning's lawyer brings evidence that Obama, Clinton and others made prejudicial comments about Manning

--my local library director, Sarah Houghton aka blogger Librarian in Black, explained how she deals with FBI National Security Letters

--Mike Huckabee agrees with Boy Scout ban on gays, ignoring 5,000 cases where Boy Scout leaders abused boys; pedophilia is not related to sexual orientation

--John McCain momentarily earned some respect, defending Huma Abedin from smears by Michelle Bachman

--listener Jeff Zaiser of Portland, OR shared this video about Occupy--check it out!

--UC Regents freeze tuition for most students, but raise graduate fees by 35%

--in San Francisco, embattled Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, testified before his Ethics Commission termination hearings

--in Salt Lake City, suspended pilot sneaks onto airport and taxis a 50-seat commercial airliner before killing himself.  That airport security is airtight!

--in Portland, OR, judge cites First Amendment in dismissing charges against fed-up traveller who stripped naked at airport security checkpoint

We close with Naked Airlines by Loose Bruce Kerr--look up his collection of songs at