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PBC News & Comment Friday, July 20

Mass killing at Colorado movie theater premier of new Batman movie will produce massive coverage, but no change in gun laws or enforcement, the NRA rules and Democrats duckAlso:

–excerpt from our interview with Charlie Glass, regarding the reasons Syrians want to overthrow Assad

–excerpt from our interview with David Vine, regarding expansion of US military bases worldwide

–judge in Bradley Manning’s court martial throws out the evidence that the leaks did no serious harm

–Chevron wins oil contract with Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq

–day 2 coverage of the death of Egyptian torturer Omar Suleiman in Cleveland, still no explanation of how he got there

–Louisiana Supreme Court justices scheme to prevent the only black justice from becoming chief justice

San Francisco Chronicle buries an important story by Bob Egelko that an unidentified phone company is resisting an FBI national security letter demanding a customer’s phone records

–San Francisco ‘Ethics’ Commission concludes testimony from the Sheriff’s wife, and refuses to investigate the serious allegations that the Mayor perjured himself in sworn testimony before the Commission

–the late Curtis Mayfield would’ve been 70 this week, and there is a concert in his honor; we serve up a few choice tunes from Curtis.