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PBC News & Comment Monday, July 23

Obama hits up Oaksterdam for cash, but won’t address poverty, gun violence or pot crackdown, Oakland’s biggest problems.  Also:

–Obama flew in from the murder scene in Aurora, CO, where he offered soothing words but no challenge to the NRA

–best commentary on the Batman murder from David    , who wrote “Columbine” and warns not to accept the early versions of why the shooter did it

–Obama White House has the right idea for “Do Not Track” web rules

–NCAA fines Penn State $60 million for child sex sacandal, to protect the other megabucks college football operations

–Public Citizen holds news conference to push back on GOP calls to cut regulation, and publishes new report that shows 79% of Dodd-Frank rules are delayed in implementation

–California’s budget bill suspended open meeting laws to save money, but transparency is lost

–California Parks Dept. squirreled away $54 million as parks are being closed for lack of $22 million

–California legislature gave its staff $5 million in raises just before cutting all other state workers by 5%

–muckraking journalist Alexander Cockburn dies at age 71