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PBC News & Comment Thursday, July 26

Truthout’s Jason Leopold’s  great Tom Morello interview plus a story about Romney’s $ecret$; Pepe Escobar on Syria’s “insurgents”    Read Leopold’s articles here (Morello) and here (Romney).

–Read Pepe Escobar’s excellent coverage here.

–new cyberattack on Iran shuts down computers, then plays AC/DC

–Greenland’s ice sheet has major meltdown

–Obama finally talks about gun laws, timidly

–current drought in Midwest likely to drive up food prices

–House does it again, drill baby drill

–Dani Dayan sets stage for Romney visit to Israel with arrogant, revealing op-ed in NY Times

–Gov. Moonbeam is California dreamin’ again, reviving a failed plan to shift water from norht to south

–AP exposes NYPD safe house in New Brunswick, New Jersey, well beyond its jurisdiction

Truthout exposes San Francisco PD to scrutiny over last week’s officer shooting of a suspect–did she shoot before or after handcuffing the guy?