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PBC News & Comment Thursday, July 26

Truthout's Jason Leopold's  great Tom Morello interview plus a story about Romney's $ecret$; Pepe Escobar on Syria's "insurgents"    Read Leopold's articles here (Morello) and here (Romney).

--Read Pepe Escobar's excellent coverage here.

--new cyberattack on Iran shuts down computers, then plays AC/DC

--Greenland's ice sheet has major meltdown

--Obama finally talks about gun laws, timidly

--current drought in Midwest likely to drive up food prices

--House does it again, drill baby drill

--Dani Dayan sets stage for Romney visit to Israel with arrogant, revealing op-ed in NY Times

--Gov. Moonbeam is California dreamin' again, reviving a failed plan to shift water from norht to south

--AP exposes NYPD safe house in New Brunswick, New Jersey, well beyond its jurisdiction

--Truthout exposes San Francisco PD to scrutiny over last week's officer shooting of a suspect--did she shoot before or after handcuffing the guy?