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Gov. Siegelman’s Political Persecution Rolls On: Resentenced to Almost 6 More Years in Prison; Comments from Siegelman and Roger Shuler; Prof. Milton Mueller on Cyberwarfare and Internet Regulation; Will Durst on Romney’s Travels



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In a sad, but not surprising, development, former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama was re-sentenced today to an additional 5 years 9 months in federal prison.  We get comments from blogger Roger Shuler, and Siegelman.  Plus Syracuse University Professor Milton Mueller on cyberwar and internet regulations, and Will Durst on Romney’s travels.
Shuler, whose coverage of the Siegelman travesty cost him his job at University of Alabama, offers his comments on the proceedings, noting that the prosecution of Siegelman was illegal from the start, due to statute of limitations.  He offers a number of cogent comments about this case and the legal system, and calls out those who failed to fight for justice for Siegelman.

At 25:30, in our conversation with the former Governor, recorded on 8/2/12, he talks about the price he and his family have paid, and his determination to fight on. We talk about his challenge in making a statement to the judge without compromising his innocence.

At 35:21, we talk with Prof. Mueller about his recent opinion piece on internet regulation and the upcoming WCET conference.  In particular, we talk about the US expansion of aggressive cyberwarfare on Iran, and prospects for retaliation.  We talk about a number of issues related to the web and freedom of expression.

Finally, at about 1:08, Will Durst comments on Romney’s travels.