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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 6

Obama’s pro-business buddy, Cass Sunstein, leaves the White House, as Kabul’s pro-American defense minister is sacked….Also:

–Learn more about Wardak and Karzai’s Kabul cabal in our recent Boiling Frogs interview with Michael Hughes

–Turkey’s prime minister forces 40 generals and admirals to retire, as they face charges of attempted coup

–Turkey kills 115 Kurdish rebels on Sunday

–US reveals planning for post-Assad Syria

–Egypt responds to attack on Israeli border with Sinai

–in Wisconsin, rampage against Sikhs by former Army psy-ops soldier known as member of music band that performed hate songs

–more than 700 incidents against Sikhs in US since 9/11, most based on ignorance–mistaking Sikhs for Muslims

–while I was watching the Olympics, NASA successfully landed the Mars rover, Curiosity

–Pakistani engineer says he can make a car run on water