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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 6

Obama's pro-business buddy, Cass Sunstein, leaves the White House, as Kabul's pro-American defense minister is sacked....Also:

--Learn more about Wardak and Karzai's Kabul cabal in our recent Boiling Frogs interview with Michael Hughes

--Turkey's prime minister forces 40 generals and admirals to retire, as they face charges of attempted coup

--Turkey kills 115 Kurdish rebels on Sunday

--US reveals planning for post-Assad Syria

--Egypt responds to attack on Israeli border with Sinai

--in Wisconsin, rampage against Sikhs by former Army psy-ops soldier known as member of music band that performed hate songs

--more than 700 incidents against Sikhs in US since 9/11, most based on ignorance--mistaking Sikhs for Muslims

--while I was watching the Olympics, NASA successfully landed the Mars rover, Curiosity

--Pakistani engineer says he can make a car run on water