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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, August 8

Former House staffer who oversaw NSA, Diane Roark, faces retaliation for doing her job; NSA whistleblower Tom Drake on Daily Show...You'll hear excerpts from our interview with Roark, and the Drake interview on Comedy Central.


--Romney hits Obama for state welfare waivers, like the one he got in Massachusetts

--as the GOP hard right hammers Obama on immigration for "amnesty", a Latino front group in Nevada (funded by evangelicals) hits Obama for deporting the most immigrants, compared to recent presidents.

--your humble host whines about the IRS, which hit him with a tax bill from 2010 for $6,600.  After hours of useless paperwork by the taxpayer, the bill is reduced to $31 and change.

--Sikh temple gunner fits the profile of white domestic terrorists from controversial 2009 report that was rejected by Republicans

--primary elections today in Missouri, Washington, Michigan.