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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 8

"Ultra-liberal" appeals court overturns the only wiretapping verdict, sealing the fate of our 4th Amendment rights....buh-bye!!    Also:

--Bill Keller, who was editor of NY Times when it "regurgitated" BushCo lies about Iraq and WMD, is concerned about crackdown on leaks

--Chevron's refinery just across the Bay had big fire Monday, we recap the history of serious problems at the refinery

--Tucson shooter Jared Loughner is suddenly declared competent as he plea-bargains to avoid trial and death penalty

--Tucson voices note inaction on gun violence, sign the petition here

--recap of primary results in Missouri and Michigan

--Moscow court seems ready to convict and sentence the female punkers known as Pussy Riot

--R.I.P.: Judith Crist, Marvin Hamlisch and Sister Boom Boom