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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 13

Radical religous right rejects Ryan, sometimes for the right reasons; Obama’s lawyers defend NDAA, which Ryan voted for…..Listen tomorrow for our update on the NDAA case with lawyer Carl Mayer and plaintiff Tangerine Bolen.


–big surprise in Egypt, as Morsi sacks the generals who tried to retain power, and nullifies decree limiting presidential power

–excerpt from Boiling Frogs interview with journalist and NATO expert Rick Rozoff

–Washington Post confirms: voter fraud is virtually nonexistant, voter ID laws only suppress voting, mostly by Democrats

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog exposes GOP election fraud in Michigan congressional primary, and the threat by Waukeshaw, WI elections chief Kathy Nickolaus to destroy ballots from Walker recall before they can be audited

–anti-Iran propaganda surfaces in Hearst news story, blaming Iran and Hezbollah for plots with zero proof

–Nicholas Kristof of NY Times wrote a strong story about our failure to provide health care to war vets, esp. psych care

–also in the Sunday Times, editorial board member shreds Romney’s fuzzy economic plans, even before Ryan joins the fray

–moderators selected for presidential debates

–TSA’s new passenger review program devolves to racial profiling