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Attorney Carl Mayer and Plaintiff Tangerine Bolen Fight Obama’s Lawyers Over NDAA Detention; Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest on the Domestic Political “Wars” that Drown Out the Foreign Wars



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Attorney Carl Mayer returns, joined by his client Tangerine Bolen, an activist and co-plaintiff in suit that challenges NDAA detention.Mayer and Bolen recap last week’s hearing before federal judge Katherine Forrest regarding her preliminary injunction on Section 1021 of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which has received virtually zero coverage in corporate media.  Once again, lawyers from the “Justice” Department were arrogant toward the court and the judicial branch, and they failed to provide any assurances that individuals like the plaintiffs are protected from unlimited detention at a military base, without charge or trial.  They also suggested they can achieve the same dark goals under the post 9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force; if so, why are they fighting so hard for section 1021?  Bolen offers her views as an activist who supports WikiLeaks and conducts online meetings with non-Americans who may fall under the broad language of 1021.  While she voted for Obama in ’08, she won’t do it again, and deplores the role of Democrats in Congress in enabling the elimination of critical rights.  Mayer is hopeful that Judge Forrest will make her injunction permanaent, and awaits her next ruling.  You can read Bolen’s account of the hearing here, and the report on it from Chris Hedges here.

At 33 minutes into the podcast, we talk with Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest U.   Based in North Carolina, he doubts Obama will carry his state, despite staging the Democratic Convention there.  We talk about the “war on religion” alternately known as the “war on women” and ask when the real wars–and Obama’s expansion of our war footprint–will become part of the debate.  Visit the Coates blog here.