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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 20

White supremacists indicted in Oregon, as former DHS staffer reveals the agency stopped monitoring white radicals in 2009…..    –in Moscow, female punkers Pussy Riot sentenced to 2 years; PBC supports their fight for freedom of speech, but wants Americans to fight for our own rights, too

–Julian Assange demands that US stop hammering whistleblowers

–Idiocy reins in GOP as Missouri Senate nominee Todd Akin makes ludicrous comments about rape–that women who are victims of “legitimate” rape don’t get pregnant.  After this podcast was recorded, Akin apologized and said his remarks were “ill-conceived”.  Ouch!

–minor victory for Planned Parenthood in Missouri, charges thrown out based on new state laws intended to block abortion rights

N.Y. Times analyzes Obama’s judicial appointments, far fewer than Bush, mostly safe nominations of former prosecutors

–some real bad labor contracts:  American Airlines flight attendants accept major cuts;  Caterpillar workers in Illinois end strike, accept big cuts

N.Y. Times names new chief executive, Mark Thompson of the BBC