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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 20

White supremacists indicted in Oregon, as former DHS staffer reveals the agency stopped monitoring white radicals in 2009.....    --in Moscow, female punkers Pussy Riot sentenced to 2 years; PBC supports their fight for freedom of speech, but wants Americans to fight for our own rights, too

--Julian Assange demands that US stop hammering whistleblowers

--Idiocy reins in GOP as Missouri Senate nominee Todd Akin makes ludicrous comments about rape--that women who are victims of "legitimate" rape don't get pregnant.  After this podcast was recorded, Akin apologized and said his remarks were "ill-conceived".  Ouch!

--minor victory for Planned Parenthood in Missouri, charges thrown out based on new state laws intended to block abortion rights

--N.Y. Times analyzes Obama's judicial appointments, far fewer than Bush, mostly safe nominations of former prosecutors

--some real bad labor contracts:  American Airlines flight attendants accept major cuts;  Caterpillar workers in Illinois end strike, accept big cuts

--N.Y. Times names new chief executive, Mark Thompson of the BBC