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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, August 21

2,000 Americans have died in the Afghan war: who will be the last to die for this mistake?     Also:

--excerpt from our new interview with Thomas Frank of Harper's on his lead essay on Obama's fatal centrist ideology

--Reuters reports on kangaroo-court tribunals at Guantanamo, where the "T" word--for torture--is not permitted

--you should read this important analysis of the "State secrets privilege" by Kevin Gosztla at FireDogLake

--Iran Contra convict Elliot Abrams acts as an agent for Israel, suggests that Congress authorize US military force to attack Iran

--Akin's ignorance on rape and abortion highlights GOP's extreme platform position on abortion;  Romney campaign says it will release 2001 tax returns on October 15

--new book from investigative journalist Seth Rosenfeld reveals that Black Panthers in California were infiltrated early on by Richard Aoki

--Gov. Jerry Brown wants to defy the federal judge who ordered California to sharply reduce its prison population

--California's legislature is considering a landmark bill of rights for domestic workers with overtime and meal break rights

--whistleblower is punished for exposing crimes by cops--"dirty DUI's" in Contra Costa County, CA