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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, August 21

2,000 Americans have died in the Afghan war: who will be the last to die for this mistake?     Also:

–excerpt from our new interview with Thomas Frank of Harper’s on his lead essay on Obama’s fatal centrist ideology

–Reuters reports on kangaroo-court tribunals at Guantanamo, where the “T” word–for torture–is not permitted

–you should read this important analysis of the “State secrets privilege” by Kevin Gosztla at FireDogLake

–Iran Contra convict Elliot Abrams acts as an agent for Israel, suggests that Congress authorize US military force to attack Iran

–Akin’s ignorance on rape and abortion highlights GOP’s extreme platform position on abortion;  Romney campaign says it will release 2001 tax returns on October 15

–new book from investigative journalist Seth Rosenfeld reveals that Black Panthers in California were infiltrated early on by Richard Aoki

–Gov. Jerry Brown wants to defy the federal judge who ordered California to sharply reduce its prison population

–California’s legislature is considering a landmark bill of rights for domestic workers with overtime and meal break rights

–whistleblower is punished for exposing crimes by cops–“dirty DUI’s” in Contra Costa County, CA