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PBC News & Comment Thursday, August 23

When our drones are flyin’, people are dyin’….but victims aren’t all “militants”;  journalist Gareth Porter explains     Porter’s important report for TruthOut is here.


–fish near Fukushima are highly radioactive, Japanese prime minister meets with anti-nuke activists

–activists in New Mexico protest plans to move nuclear weapons waste to Los Alamos

N.Y. Times op-ed affirms the widespread surveillance we talk about here, sidebar from filmmaker Poitras on the treatment she gets at American airports

–EPA loses appeal on rules for coal-fired power plants

–Wisconsin’s GOP attorney general appeals to keep new voter ID law in place, as Republican candidate in Massachusetts is caught forging ballots in the names of other people (which ID’s will not prevent)

–Nevada court removes from the ballot the option “None of the above”