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PBC News & Comment Friday, August 24

TSA says "Keep those shoes on!" to maintain political theater at airports;  new theory about 2008 FISA reform law     --you can read about the complex FISA legal issues here

--California state Senator Leno passes cellphone privacy bill (again), requiring a warrant to search your phone or computer

--Gawker dumps 900 pages of Bain Capital documents:  first impression is that Romney is a world-class tax dodger

--Romney calls for more offshore drilling, as Dahr Jamail reports that Gulf shrimp have no eye or eyesockets--most likely from the chemical dispersants used after oil rig blew

--ICE agents, represented by GOP operative and Kansas Secretary of State, sue their boss to stop administrative implementation of the Dream Act

--Fox unmasks "anonymous" member of Seal Team 6 who is publishing a book about the bin Laden raid that was not cleared by the Pentagon

--David Brooks and Paul Krugman are on opposite sides of the op-ed page, both wrote things I agree with today, about Paul Ryan

--new reports says Iran has increased the number of centrifuges by 20%, and downplays the most important part: Iran is at least 2 years away from a first nuclear weapon

--Afghan troops and cops have actually killed more of their own Afghan colleagues than Americans--but not by much

--Stockton bankruptcy could undermine public pension rights, as other creditors claim foul

--California Nurses Assn. in struggle with SEIU healthcare union, which is trying to undermine CNA's achievements on nurse/patient ratios