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PBC News & Comment Monday, August 27

Neil Armstrong dies at 82, PBC actually believes he walked on the moon; Isaac prevents GOP from hiding Ron Paul…..–Tampa convention will feature Catholic cardinal, playing politics with religion

–local priest in Marin arrested for soliciting gay sex, diocese relieved that “no children were involved” this time

–Romney says he would intervene in Syria, an easy shot from the cheap seats

–White House says there is still room for diplomacy in Iran, as Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) panders to Netanyahu

–US is deporting 11,000 minors so far this year

–CA Assembly passes bill that limits local law enforcement from delivering suspects of minor crimes to fed for deportation

–at Empire State Building, cops wounded 9 bystanders as they killed a gunman

N.Y. Times lead Sunday editorial whacks Obama Justice Dept. for failing to prosecute Wall St. criminals, as statute of limitations kicks in

–John Lindh sues for right to pray in prison

–Ohio Amish group, led by a man named Mullet, is accused of cutting off beards of Amish rivals