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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, August 28

New Orleans hunkers down for Isaac, 7 years after Katrina; Israel bombs Gaza, Gareth Porter investigates Delhi bombing case....   --read Gareth Porters first installment of his investigation of Israeli claims that Hezbollah is responsible for this and other attacks; the attack was on February 13 this year--I misstated it as July 31

--Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold's exclusive reports on the misuse of an anti-malaria drug on Gitmo prisoners is noted in a new medical journal report

--Russ Baker at collects interesting items about the war in Syria and US role

--San Francisco's newly-appointed archbishop admits to drunk driving after arrest over the weekend

--Steve Jobs' revenge on Google and Android reflected in $1 billion award in suit against Samsung.  Will future tech profits be based on patent lawsuits?

--NJ's maximum Governor Chris Christie slams California voters for rejecting Meg Whitman in 2010, shows great ignorance

--Romney expects to be nominated tonight, his cronies are trying to silence Ron Paul delegates in a great show of democracy

--Roy Zimmerman wraps up the podcast with his new song about Bishop Mittens