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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 29

At GOP confab, Ann Romney giggles and preaches love, Chris Christie wriggles and preaches respect over love; lotsa lies flyin'!PBC is watching the homer coverage on Fox "News", so you don't have to, and notes the fundamental lies that fuel the theme of the plutocrat's convention.  Also:

--Ron Paul's dlegates don't even get the courtesy of a count of his delegates

--shouting "USA, USA", delegates show intolerance as an official from Puerto Rico tries to speak

--CNN cameraperson, an African American, is pelted with nuts and racist comment

--despite promises by all politicians to "support the troops", large numbers of Iraq/Afghan vets wait a year or more just to find out if they get benefits

--Israeli court says it was Rachel Corrie's fault that she was killed by IDF armored bulldozer

--Bradley Manning's lawyers say government is withholding hundreds of emails about his pre-trial confinement

--in rural Georgia, a group of active duty Army soldiers formed an anarchist militia group, bought $87,000 worth of weapons; unlike other "domestic terrorists", the FBI did not supply their weapons

--pension reform package unveiled by California legislature, mostly reasonable under the circumstances

--University of California protects speech rights, rejects limits on alleged anti-Semitic expression

--2 visitors to Yosemite have died from hantavirus, passed by deer mice to humans

--your humble host asks for help with the mice who have invaded his kitchen