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Talkin’ Back to Condi: PBC Rebuts GOP Convention Speech of Condoleeza Rice



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Your humble host shares the comments he hurled at his TV last night as Bush loyalist Condoleeza Rice panders to GOP extremists and re-writes recent history.Rice’s speech exploits the mythology of 9/11 and ignores ALL the failures of the Bush team, including 9/11 itself, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.  You’ll hear her speech, which you might have wisely avoided, along with injections of commentary, truth and reality.  Rice serves up spin and disinformation on things she arguably knows something about, and blames Obama for the 2008 meltdown and the deficit, both largely caused by BushCo policies.  She offers platitudes and vouchers to fix education, and says we can trust Romney and Ryan on foreign policy–where extreme positions belie their lack of interest and experience in world affairs.

At 33 minutes into the podcast, Will Durst offers his views of the GOP convention in Tampa.