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PBC News & Comment Thursday, August 30

Ryan’s Lyin’! With an assist from UMich Prof. Juan Cole, we recap 10 lies from Paul Ryan’s convention speech….You can hear PBC’s rebuttal of Condoleeza Rice’s speech in our subscriber podcast released today.

–curious selection of “news” on the crawl at Fox during Ryan’s speech

–Ohio coal miners were coerced into Romney photo op last week

–Hurricane Isaac delivered less damage than feared, most levees held even though overtopped

–new Nacy SEAL book on Osama raid affirms that there was no intention to capture bin Laden

–the news service from Citizens for Legitimate Government has a daily news digest, we pick some stories on manipulation of the voting process and more violence in Afghanistan

–California’s community colleges see enrollment drop as tuition and fees have gone up–GOP tax and economic policies will undermine our future competitiveness

–PBC reports one dead in his kitchen overnight, a roof rat that sprung the trap but didn’t get caught; cause of death unclear, no autopsy planned