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PBC News & Comment Friday, August 31

Hoping you won’t notice, AG Holder drops prosecution of CIA officers who tortured suspects to death; Clint rambles, Mitt rumbles….–Clint Eastwood’s bizarre, off-script convention speech leads to Mitt’s “blame it on Barack” acceptance speech at GOP convention

NY Times editorial and analysis story slam Romney and Ryan for making shit up about Obama

–As GOP says Obama is anti-oil exploration, he speeds up approval of Shell drilling in Arctic sea

–Steve Horn talks about ALEC and its paternity of Pennsylvania’s pro-fracking law, Act 13, in ths excerpt from today’s in-depth interview

–Joint Chiefs chair Gen. Martin Dempsey makes strong statement objecting to Israel’s threatened attack on Iran

–IAEA issues new report on Iran’s nuke program

–Prof. Yehouda Shenhav of Tel Aviv U, author of new book Beyond the Two State Solution, offers his view of the threat to attack Iran

–Iran hosts meeting of 120 nations, and Egypt’s new president shocks his hosts by supporting the overthrow of Iran’s ally in Syria, Assad

–WikiLeaks trial of Pfc Bradley Manning pushed back to February, 2013

–federal appeals court blocks texas photo voter ID law, tees it up for Supreme Court review

–Ohio Amish trial of elder Mullet adds incest to beard-cutting attacks

New Yorker runs important article on the deaths of confidential informants, recruited to set up drug dealers after they face minor drug charges themselves

There was more, but 30 minutes is long enough!