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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 4

As Dems convene to renominate Obama, rocker Greg Diablo sings No Particular Place to Vote; PBC will monitor lies & spin…Your humble host has the luxury of casting a protest vote, urges voters in battleground states not to follow his example.

–a story about Ed Schultz and the 2008 convention

–Rachel Maddow gives honest report on Charlotte, a union-free zone

–Steve Horn at Truthout reveals the lobbyist money behind the convention, and some of the same people who profited from the GOP convention last week

–new round of violence in Afghanistan, 2 more NATO troops killed by Afghan soldier

–Bahrain sentences protesters to life in prison

–Somali piracy is declining, but pirates killed a Syrian hostage over the weekend

–Reagan used FBI to monitor his adult children

–Electronic Frontier Foundation presses FISA court to reveal secret ruling against a wiretapping request

–ICE queen resigns, accused of sexual harrassment of men