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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 4

As Dems convene to renominate Obama, rocker Greg Diablo sings No Particular Place to Vote; PBC will monitor lies & spin...Your humble host has the luxury of casting a protest vote, urges voters in battleground states not to follow his example.

--a story about Ed Schultz and the 2008 convention

--Rachel Maddow gives honest report on Charlotte, a union-free zone

--Steve Horn at Truthout reveals the lobbyist money behind the convention, and some of the same people who profited from the GOP convention last week

--new round of violence in Afghanistan, 2 more NATO troops killed by Afghan soldier

--Bahrain sentences protesters to life in prison

--Somali piracy is declining, but pirates killed a Syrian hostage over the weekend

--Reagan used FBI to monitor his adult children

--Electronic Frontier Foundation presses FISA court to reveal secret ruling against a wiretapping request

--ICE queen resigns, accused of sexual harrassment of men