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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, September 5

Steve Horn reports from Charlotte: more cops than protesters, his encounter with undercover cops at DNC protest….Horn and fellow reporter Kevin Gazstola were harrassed by uniformed cops for taking pictures of men they suspect were undercover cops.  Read their report at FiredogLake.

–PBC gives comments on Tuesday’s speech, along with an email from Edie in Atlanta about what was missing from Michele Obama’s speech, rated a “10 on the Oprah scale” by your humble host

–Edie noted PBC’s error in yesterday’s News & Comment: Michael Reagan was adopted by Ronnie and Jayne

–US hands over most of Parwan Prison at Bagram, but keeps a section where we stash non-Afghan prisoners

–hackers reveal FBI laptop had 12.3 million user ID’s of Apple products, including iPhones;  Apple denies giving the data to FBI