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Extreme Religions: New Website Reveals Romney’s Mormonism; Archbishop Stallings Shares His Upbeat Views of Rev. Moon, Recently Departed



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Journalist Steve Pizzo unveils a new website about the Mormon religion and its impact on Bishop Mitt Romney; Archbishop Stallings provides a lively defense of the recently departed Rev. Sun Myung Moon, revealing he was a participant in one of Moon’s mass marriage rites.

Pizzo is a crusty investigative reporter who helped expose the savings & loan scandals of the 1980’s, and co-author of Inside Job.  He explains why he set up the new website, that the corporate media refuses to examine Romney’s extreme religious beliefs and practices–did you know that Ann Romney’s parents couldn’t attend her wedding to Willard, because her parents weren’t Mormons?  The website includes commentary from ex-Mormons who reveal the secret rituals, license to lie, and shunning of those who choose to leave the church.

33 minutes into the podcast, we are joined by Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., founder and patriarch of the African American Catholic Congregation.  As your humble host raises some of the checkered history of Rev. Moon and the Unification church–and its related businesses like the Washington Times propaganda machine–the Archbishop is relentless in spinning and deflecting the defects, displaying his deep faith and devotion to the cult of Moon.  He minimizes the coercion and brainwashing of recruits, says Moon was just a messiah, not the Messiah; says the Times is like Fox “News”, and that he approves of stadium weddings, because Moon married him on one of them.