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PBC News & Comment Friday, September 7

PBC comments on Obama’s acceptance speech, notes what’s missing, and the lies about peace dividend, leaving Afghanistan in 2014…Obama deserves credit for some domestic achievements, like auto mileage standards and Lily Ledbetter law, and for covering topics ignored by Romney/Ryan.  With many soft promises and goals offered, there is no plan to restore the Bill of Rights or to prosecute the Wall Street crimes he says hurt the middle class.  Preceded by Biden, Sen. Durbin and Sen. Kerry, the blood lust for bin Laden was a bit much.

–CBS announces addition of GOP spinmeister Frank Luntz, to compete with Fox’s Karl Rove

–Rove gave briefing to the big donors to American Crossroads in Tampa, making a “joke” about killing GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin

–courageous judge on DC appeals court rips Obama administration over efforts to block lawyers from meeting with Gitmo prisoners

–in S. F. Chronicle op-ed, Peter Scheer makes strong case for release of legal opinions that authorize targeted killings by drone

–Ft. Hood judge orders forced shaving of Hassan’s beard

–judge convicts bishop in Kansas City for failing to report pedophile priests