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PBC News & Comment Monday, September 10

Ex-Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman goes to prison, after his daughter gets angry reaction from protagonist Karl Rove...--AP report echoes Obama spin: we are safer because of drone strikes and killing bin Laden--makes no mention of the blowback building against our militarism

--Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City, is featured in an hour-long in-depth interview to be released tomorrow here

--Romney etches his sketches, says he opposes deficit deal and will not repeal all of Obamacare

--spikes of violence in Iraq, Afghanistan

--Wall Street Journal, the GOP house organ, reports on corporate parties for Dems in Charlotte, after our friend Steve Horn ran his two-part expose at Truthout

--WSJ columnist has twisted view of Dems, but reports the decline of Blue Dogs in the House (she thinks it's a bad thing!)

--Shell starts drilling in Arctic, accelerated to make Obama look good to the Drill Baby Drill voter

--Federal court refuses to allow California to stop reducing its prison population