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PBC News & Comment Monday, September 10

Ex-Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman goes to prison, after his daughter gets angry reaction from protagonist Karl Rove…–AP report echoes Obama spin: we are safer because of drone strikes and killing bin Laden–makes no mention of the blowback building against our militarism

–Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City, is featured in an hour-long in-depth interview to be released tomorrow here

–Romney etches his sketches, says he opposes deficit deal and will not repeal all of Obamacare

–spikes of violence in Iraq, Afghanistan

Wall Street Journal, the GOP house organ, reports on corporate parties for Dems in Charlotte, after our friend Steve Horn ran his two-part expose at Truthout

WSJ columnist has twisted view of Dems, but reports the decline of Blue Dogs in the House (she thinks it’s a bad thing!)

–Shell starts drilling in Arctic, accelerated to make Obama look good to the Drill Baby Drill voter

–Federal court refuses to allow California to stop reducing its prison population