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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, September 12

Peeling back the layers of the Benghazi attack that killed our ambassador, questions of blowback and political dirty tricks…..PBC raises many critical questions about the nature and origins of the “mob attack” on our embassy in Benghazi that killed 4 Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, who hails from the Bay Area.  The reckless and dishonest attacks on Obama from Romney and his allies and the release of an anti-Islamic video clip raise serious questions of domestic political considerations.  As Marines are dispatched to Tripoli, will the US media explore blowback from various sources, related to Obama’s drone strikes and targeted killings, or simply play up the Obama-Romney exchange of who’s the tougher leader?

–in Yemen, the US killing of a top leader of al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (and former Gitmo prisoner) produced 24-hour blowback as 12 died in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Yemen’s defense minister

–at Guantanamo, they identified the weekend “suicide” as a Yemeni who has been at Gitmo since it opened in 2002, and was cleared for release but then held because he is Yemeni

–Netanyahu attacks Obama over his refusal to set a date to attack Iran, but is really whining because Obama declined to meet him at the UN next week

–Palestinians protest the Palestinian government as 1.5 million Barcelonans protest the Madrid government

–ex-Lockheed-Martin CEO issues report calling for more spending on fictional missile defense systems (quel surprise!!)

–in a clip from our in-depth interview released today, reporter Pepe Escobar talks about the array of groups fighting the Syrian dictatorship