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Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson Challenges the 2-Party Lockout, Fights Against the Creeping Police State



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Rocky Anderson, presidential candidate of the Justice Party, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation about our failed 2-party system and the battle to restore the Constitution.Anderson, a former 2-term mayor of Salt Lake City and the founder of High Road for Human Rights, returns to talk about his campaign for president under the Justice Party banner.  He opens with the important issues that frame his candidacy, and offers a blistering indictment of the detention policies of the National Defense Authorization Act, and the double game Obama has played on it. We also talk about drone strikes, targeted killings, and Anderson’s belief that there is bipartisan support to exit Afghanistan and reduce our military footprint and budget.  He calls for a new investigation into the events of 9/11/01, acknowledging that the 9/11 Commission was a coverup.  He explains how the system is set up two protect the two major parties, and his challenges in getting on the ballot and into the debates.   And he closes with a strong call for voters to show the courage to reject the politics of fear and vote for him in November.  Here is his website.