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Legal Victory! Attorney Carl Mayer Reports on Court Ruling that Nullifies Detention Provisions of NDAA; Warning! Harvey Wasserman on How the GOP Will Steal the Election



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In a rare, clearcut victory for our Constitutional rights, federal judge Katherine Forrest rules against the extreme detention provisions of NDAA;  Harvey Wasserman, co-author of Will the GOP Steal America’s 2012 Election? details the 6 major ways.Mayer is the attorney for Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg and others who sued to block the new “Homeland Battlefield Bill” and won a major court victory on September 12.  Judge Forrest’s powerful decision is here, and it rebukes the arrogant and inconsistent legal arguments the government made in this case.  The judge strongly affirms the role of the judiciary, after the Obama/Holder lawyers argued that the courts have no role in these issues.  Mayer notes that the judge conferred standing on the plaintiffs and ruled prospectively, meaning that they did not have to prove they have already been harmed–this is quite rare since 9/11.  We also discuss the argument by “Justice” Dept. lawyers that the government already has these detention rights under the post 9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force–the judge responded that it “frankly makes no sense”.  This could lead to other rulings that limit the expansion of presidential power, possibly including the targeted killing program of the Obama White House.  Mayer and the plaintiffs deserve our deep gratitude for this important victory.

At 27 minutes into this podcast, we talk with Harvey Wasserman, the multi-faceted activist, author and historian.  With Bob Fitrakis, Wasserman has published an important new e-book to warn about the looming election fraud. The duo has been covering election issues since 2000 and closely monitored the Ohio heist of 2004.  Wasserman lists the 6 major ways the Republicans are gaming the system, and notes that 9 of the 12 swing states have GOP governors and that Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida have extremely partisan GOP governors.  The book includes Wasserman’s recap of election manipulation, going all the way back to 1800, and says that the Electoral College empowers swing state voters at the expense of the rest of us.  He notes that many of Obama’s supporters from 2008 have lost enthusiasm for the president, and may not be as vigilant on voting irregularities this year.  Buy the book for just $4.99 here. At the same link, you can read Wasserman’s review of Bonnie Raitt’s new album and 2 recent concerts.