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PBC News & Comment Thursday, September 13

Court victory on NDAA detention clause!  Attorney Carl Mayer explains; Harvey Wasserman warns that GOP plans to steal the election......UPDATE:  after recording today's podcasts, we learned that the administration has already appealed the NDAA ruling!

You can read the judge's decision here.

--anti-US protests and violence spread as Romney makes things worse

--Chileans riot in Santiago on anniversary of US-backed 1973 coup

--we trained the Chilean military and many others in brutal tactics at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning.  SOA Watch has garnered a meeting with top Obama advisor

--anti-nuclear protests set for DC September 20-22

--Occupy protesters speak up at secret talks at resort in Virginia for the new Trans Pacific trade deal

--investigative reporter Steve Horn discloses that the Heartland Institute, primarily focued on denying climate science, is supporting Mayor Emmanuel over the striking Chicago teachers

--California legislature passed House Resolution 35, which wrongly links criticism of Israeli policies as anti-semitic

--we play the audio track from a video satire about "legitimate rape"; you can watch the video here.