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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, September 19

World braces for more Muslim protest as French magazine publishes nasty cartoons of Muhammad; Italian court upholds CIA convictionsBad spycraft led to convictions in Italy of 23 CIA agents involved in the kidnapping of Abu Omar from streets of Milan.  Get the details from our November 2010 podcast with Steve Hendricks, author of A Kidnapping in Milan

–NATO and US spin disengagement from Afghan forces after 51 murders, pretend that Afghan army and police are ready to go it alone

–in Moscoq, 14,000 protested against Putin last Saturday, as the Duma expelled a former KGB agent who joined protests last year

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog covers 2 important stories about PA voter ID and GOP election fraud in Michigan

–Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reveals that PBS Newshour gets funding from Koch, oil companies and others in denial about climate change

–DC appeals court issues political ruling that blocks disclosure of donors to “dark” superPACs

–Chicago teachers strike ends, teachers lost

NY Times offers proof that tax cuts don’t grow economy or jobs

–and the Times runs an op-ed asserting that Obama’s stimulus did work

–Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly announce pay-per-view debate

–Obama invites your humble host to “last supper”