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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 18

Unconstitutional detention law reinstated by appeals court judge; Romney campaign reels from release of fundraiser video.... We'll update the NDAA detention case later this week with attorney Carl Mayer.

--NYT op-ed David Brooks slams Romney as "Thurston Howell Romney" for his misguided comments about the 47% of us that he says are freeloading

--the 10 states with the most people who don't pay taxes are all red states, 9 in the deep south

--as Obama's lead in the polls expands, don't forget about the voter suppression tactics of the GOP

--in a Truthout opinion piece, activist Kevin Zeese notes that Obama has promised to fix NAFTA, but didn't; and now is secretly negotiating a Pacific trade deal that will hurt more American workers

--Occupy marks its first anniversary, but where is the action?

--Afghan quagmire deepens: US stops joint ops with Afghans, Karzai objects to the latest civilian deaths, surge troops are leaving

--NY Times editorial notes Gitmo "suicide" of Yemeni Adnan Latif, PBC updates the lives of two fromer Gitmo prisoners who are now detained in Europe

--IL teen accused of attemped terrorism with fake FBI bomb appears in court

--Shell Oil suspends Arctic drilling, temporarily