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PBC News & Comment Thursday, September 20

Exclooo and unhappy: why is this one of few outlets covering the challenge to Obama’s unconstitutional detention law???   We lead with an excerpt from our interview with Carl Mayer, where he updates the status of the permanent injunction that nullified the detention clause of NDAA.

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–White House says Libyan attack was terrorist, but not pre-planned

–Russia bans American agency for “interfering” in elections

–Syria war spreads into Turkey, new air attack kills many civilians

–Japan backpedals on plan to shut nuke plants by 2040

–Dept. of “Justice” inspector general clears Holder in Fast & Furious

–GOP senators block jobs bill for veterans

–MSNBC (or is it MSDNC?) beats Fox “News” in key audience groups

–French study shows rats die from exposure to GMO’s

–Mullet case ends as Amish beard cutters convicted of hate crimes