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PBC News & Comment Friday, September 21

Obama and Karzai video chat, agreeing to continue extralegal detention of prisoners in Afghanistan–NDAA not needed….The Obama surge is officially over, so we only have 68,000 US troops stuck in Afghnistan with no mission, no exit strategy

–more details emerge, confirming that attack in Benghazi was not spontaneous, as US continues to claim

–19 Pakistanis die in protests over anti-Muslim video

–American idiot Pam Geller runs inflammatory anti-Islam transit ads in NYC and SF; your humble host deplores her bad judgment but affirms her First Amendment rights

–Dr. Jeff Kaye has new report at Truthout, more confirmation of involuntary drugging of Gitmo prisoners

–DC Appeals court seems skeptical that US aerial drone program is a secret–do ya think?

–a Mormon activist faces excommunication for revealing wierd stuff about the LDS church; more here

–House Ethics Committee ends probe of Rep. Maxine Waters

–Senate report exposes corporate tax dodgers, this time focusing on Microsoft and H-P

S.F. Chronicle editorial board says No on Prop 37, the GMO labeling initiative; have they been drinking Roundup?