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PBC News & Comment Friday, September 21

Obama and Karzai video chat, agreeing to continue extralegal detention of prisoners in Afghanistan--NDAA not needed....The Obama surge is officially over, so we only have 68,000 US troops stuck in Afghnistan with no mission, no exit strategy

--more details emerge, confirming that attack in Benghazi was not spontaneous, as US continues to claim

--19 Pakistanis die in protests over anti-Muslim video

--American idiot Pam Geller runs inflammatory anti-Islam transit ads in NYC and SF; your humble host deplores her bad judgment but affirms her First Amendment rights

--Dr. Jeff Kaye has new report at Truthout, more confirmation of involuntary drugging of Gitmo prisoners

--DC Appeals court seems skeptical that US aerial drone program is a secret--do ya think?

--a Mormon activist faces excommunication for revealing wierd stuff about the LDS church; more here

--House Ethics Committee ends probe of Rep. Maxine Waters

--Senate report exposes corporate tax dodgers, this time focusing on Microsoft and H-P

--S.F. Chronicle editorial board says No on Prop 37, the GMO labeling initiative; have they been drinking Roundup?