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PBC News & Comment Monday, October 1

Aussie newspaper confirms our previous reports about forced drugging of Gitmo prisoners; “teen terrorist” Omar Khadr exits Gitmo…Sydney Morning Herald cites former Guantanamo prisoner David Hicks and others in reporting that all arriving prisoners were dosed with meflaquone, an anti-malaria drug with know psychotic side effects in high doses.  Reporters Jason Leopold and Dr. Jeff Kaye of Truthout deserve great credit for breaking the story.  The paper also reports that “truth drug” scopalomine was also given to inmates.

–that same Dr. Jeff Kaye wrote the most complete story about the weekend transfer of Omar Khadr from Gitmo to a Canadian prison, after a one-year delay in implementing his plea agreement.  We now know Khadr was waterboarded, and that he may be innocent

–PBC saw an advance screening of a new Ken Burns documentary about the 5 teenagers falsely convicted in the infamous Central Park jogger case, where corrupt cops coerced confessions and corrupt prosecutors convicted the teens–whose confessions did not match each other

–new death row exonerations in Mississippi and California

–American citizen who was detained and abused in post 9/11 sweep gets approval to sue over his mistreatment

–Afghans and Americans die in apparent insider attack

–In Syria, the next civil war–after Assad falls–will be messy, as Kurds seek to create a state out of parts of Syria, Iraq and Turkey

–study shows that most California 3-strikes convicts have drug problems, but have not committed violent crimes–Prop 36 would amend the 3 strikes law

–Gov. Jerry Brown signs a few good bills, vetos way too many good bills