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PBC News & Comment Friday, September 28

Katrina Rill becomes an American citizen! My former producer works with Rep. Jackie Speier to fight sex crimes in military…–big breakthrough on military sex offenders, as brigadier general of 82nd Airborne is accused of multiple crimes

–in UN speech, Netanyahu dialed back the pressure for attacking Iran, at least for a few months

NY Times publishes timeline of administration’s shifting statements on the cause of the deadly attack in Benghazi on 9/11/12

–Nakoula Nakoula, alleged producer of the anti-Islamic video, is sent to prison on probation violation

new report on backlog in Veterans health care

–Congress recessed without making the simple fix to keep Postal Service from default–they want it to happen

–applicants start to get ICE approval in program for young undocumented people

–excerpt from our in-depth interview with Ford Greene on the death of Rev. Moon

–PBC declares victory over rats in his kitchen