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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 2

Pennsylvania’s voter photo ID law put on hold for this year.  Bradblog breaks story of GOP voter registration scam…….–read Brad Friedman’s excellent reporting here

–rich guy gives $1 million to battle voter suppresion efforts

–new report shows domestic surveillance has surged under Obama

–so far this year, 1,100 people have entered airport checkpoints packing a gun in carry-on bags

–Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Car Alarm) reports that Benghazi consulate was target of many attacks in the past 6 months, and that requests to beef up security were ignored or denied

–US drones kill 13 al Shabab militants in Somalia–what are we doing in Somalia?

–Afghan suicide bomber kills 14, including 3 Americans, as our death toll climbs past 2,000

–Syrian foreign minister speaks at UN, offering partial truths that are dismissed by our media

–repair of Florida nuke plant now exceeds $3 billion, as San Onofre plant in California remains offline

–Japanese media report pressure from Obama, delivered by Hillary Clinton, caused the government to backpedal its plan to be nuke-free by 2040

–scientist and advocate for the earth, Barry Commoner dies at 95