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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 2

Pennsylvania's voter photo ID law put on hold for this year.  Bradblog breaks story of GOP voter registration scam.......--read Brad Friedman's excellent reporting here

--rich guy gives $1 million to battle voter suppresion efforts

--new report shows domestic surveillance has surged under Obama

--so far this year, 1,100 people have entered airport checkpoints packing a gun in carry-on bags

--Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Car Alarm) reports that Benghazi consulate was target of many attacks in the past 6 months, and that requests to beef up security were ignored or denied

--US drones kill 13 al Shabab militants in Somalia--what are we doing in Somalia?

--Afghan suicide bomber kills 14, including 3 Americans, as our death toll climbs past 2,000

--Syrian foreign minister speaks at UN, offering partial truths that are dismissed by our media

--repair of Florida nuke plant now exceeds $3 billion, as San Onofre plant in California remains offline

--Japanese media report pressure from Obama, delivered by Hillary Clinton, caused the government to backpedal its plan to be nuke-free by 2040

--scientist and advocate for the earth, Barry Commoner dies at 95