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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, October 3

First Prez debate tonight, designed to exclude third parties and important issues; Democracy Now! adds Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson...--PBC comments on the real outcome of these debates--the radioactive soundbite that reaches the vast majority of people who won't watch the debate itself

--Senate report excoriates Homeland Security's fusion centers as big waste of money, focused on innocent Americans, producing zero criminal cases

--fusion center in Illinois falsely reported Russian hacking of water plant, which was nevertheless shared in intel community

--Turkey counterattacks Syria after 5 Turkish civilians are killed

--ObamaCo makes plans to rub out the Benghazi attackers, only the FBI has not been able to investigate who they are

--report from Oakland police monitor shows the department is still out of control

--Supreme Court in Connecticutt serves up a "legitimate rape" decision, overturing conviction of man who assaulted a disabled woman