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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, October 3

First Prez debate tonight, designed to exclude third parties and important issues; Democracy Now! adds Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson…–PBC comments on the real outcome of these debates–the radioactive soundbite that reaches the vast majority of people who won’t watch the debate itself

–Senate report excoriates Homeland Security’s fusion centers as big waste of money, focused on innocent Americans, producing zero criminal cases

–fusion center in Illinois falsely reported Russian hacking of water plant, which was nevertheless shared in intel community

–Turkey counterattacks Syria after 5 Turkish civilians are killed

–ObamaCo makes plans to rub out the Benghazi attackers, only the FBI has not been able to investigate who they are

–report from Oakland police monitor shows the department is still out of control

–Supreme Court in Connecticutt serves up a “legitimate rape” decision, overturing conviction of man who assaulted a disabled woman