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PBC News & Comment Thursday, October 4

Injunction of unconstitutional NDAA detention law is put on hold; Romney meets Obama for first debate, we lost……….–following the real top news story, PBC gives detailed commentary on the debate, with weak performances by Obama and moderator Jim Lehrer.  You’ll hear some of the major omissions, including the views of third party candidates–which was addressed by Democracy Now!’s streaming of comments from Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson.

–forgot to mention: right after the debate, the Obama campaign sent me an email with the subject “Hey”.  It asked if we’re proud of the job he did in the debate–and before an answer can be given–asks for money.  Not a smart move, Axelrude!

–Networks announce they will not conduct exit polls in 19 states on Nov. 6;  it’s the best check we have against election fraud, but who cares?

–Dallas hit by 3 frackquakes, earthquakes caused by fracking

–Camden NJ shuts down police department to disable the union, in one of America’s worst crime zones