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PBC News & Comment Friday, October 5

Col. Ann Wright details rape in US military, in excerpt from our in-depth interview; Karzai accuses US of double game….–3 weeks after the attack, FBI team finally reaches Benghazi to investigate, and leaves after 12 hours

–Turkey’s Parliament ratchets up military tension with Syria over cross-border shelling

NY Times finally reports what Gareth Porter told us weeks ago: Iran made an offer to suspend uranium enrichment in Istanbul in July

–that same news organ finally reports the voter registration hijinks of Nathan Sproul, first reported by Bradblog

–and one more cribbed from the Gray Lady: a year ago last week, we learned of the arrest of a loony Iranian-American used car dealer and his bizarre plot to hire a Mexican drug cartel to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington.  Mansour Arbabsiar’s trial is pending, as lawyers try to get his reported confession thrown out due to mental illness.  Keep an eye on this one!