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PBC News & Comment Monday,October 8

In the first debate, Mitt Romney cheated AND lied;  Bishop Mitt gives foreign policy speech, trashed in advance by NYTimes……–in a news story Sunday, the Times details the case of Abu Yaya al-Libi, a Libyan devoted to overthrowing Qaddafi, who fled to Pakistan and was picked up in the US dragnet.  Originally opposed to bin Laden, he was radicalized by US and was allegedly al Qaeda’s #2 when we killed him a few months ago

–Obama surrogates respond to Romney speech as Obama flies to California to honor Cesar Chavez and scoop up cash

–Israel hits Gaza in back and forth that Israel started; drone of unknown origin was shot down over Israel, which blames Hezbollah

–Turkey hits back at Syria for 5th straight day;  report that US is urging allies to be cautious in giving heavy weapons to rebels

–Iran denies the report from Gareth Porter, and last week in the NY Times, that it had offered to suspend enrichment if sanctions are lifted

–Hugo Chavez claims new 6-year term in Venezuela

–CA Gov. Jerry Brown orders winter gas blend sold early to reduce huge spike in prices at the pump

–San Francisco supervisors will decide the fate of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi for alleged “official misconduct” on Tuesday