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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 9

Frisco showdown: final vote expected today on removal of Sheriff Mirkarimi; Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to¬† 30+ years….–the Mirkarimi case is a political lynching driven by righteous activists for domestic violence victims, the mayor, and the Chronicle

–Facebook censors a paid post that refers to “rape in the military”

–Assange backers in London ordered to pay up his bail

–in Israel, Netanyahu calls early elections

–study shows Iran has not made decision to build a nuclear weapon

–thousands of Pakistanis join Americans in protest march against our drone strikes

–Boiling Frogs report on Turkey’s clashes with Syria, and now Iraq

–confusion ove3r suspension of voter ID law in Pennsylvania

–Ohio court restores early voting

–NY Times report on vulnerability of absentee ballots

–two stinky ballot measures in Florida