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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, October 9

Frisco showdown: final vote expected today on removal of Sheriff Mirkarimi; Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to  30+ years....--the Mirkarimi case is a political lynching driven by righteous activists for domestic violence victims, the mayor, and the Chronicle

--Facebook censors a paid post that refers to "rape in the military"

--Assange backers in London ordered to pay up his bail

--in Israel, Netanyahu calls early elections

--study shows Iran has not made decision to build a nuclear weapon

--thousands of Pakistanis join Americans in protest march against our drone strikes

--Boiling Frogs report on Turkey's clashes with Syria, and now Iraq

--confusion ove3r suspension of voter ID law in Pennsylvania

--Ohio court restores early voting

--NY Times report on vulnerability of absentee ballots

--two stinky ballot measures in Florida