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Political Prisoners Update: Gov. Don Siegelman’s Daughter Asks for Your Support of Clemecy Petition; Filmmakers George and Beth Gage on Tim DeChristopher, “Bidder 70”



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Dana Siegelman asks for your help with Presidential clemency petitions to free her father; George and Beth Gage talk about environmental activist Tim DeChristopher and their new documentary, Bidder 70We’ve covered the 10-year ordeal of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, railroaded into prison by Karl Rove’s posse.  Dana has put her life on hold to rally public support for a pardon or commutation for her father. She talks about how his trial and first trip to prison affected her, and recaps key elements of the saga, including her recent encounter with Rove at the Dem convention in August.  There is tremendous support for Siegelman’s release, but the Obama “Justice” Dept. has been pretty hostile to his cause.  Dana will be in the Los Angeles area around October 19–please email me if you’d like to support her effort by hosting a coffee or meet-up.

You can add your name to the petitions here and here.

At 34:15, we meet documentary filmmakers George and Beth Gage, who are screening their new documentary Bidder 70 at the Mill Valley Film Festival.  It relates the story of Tim DeChristopher, who attended an auction of public lands for oil and gas exploration, and decided to bid up some of the leases when he was unexpectedly given a bidder’s paddle.  He was indicted and convicted after a lengthy process, and is serving a two-year federal prison term.  It’s a great film that will inspire many to find their own ways to protest the exploitation of sensitive wilderness areas and other assaults on the environment.  The Gages are looking for opportunities to screen the film in your neighborhood, so look at their current schedule or contact them here.