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PBC News & Comment Thursday, October 11

Reaction to reinstatement of SF Sheriff, fair and unfair commentary from Chronicle columnists; badly framed endorsement of Feinstein    –House is in recess, but Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Car Alarm) holds partisan hearing on security in Libya

–Syria civil war risks widening, as Turkey/NATO line up against Russia/Syria

–one member of Russia’s Pussy Riot released

–Romney shows ignorance, again; says no Americans die from lack of health insurance

–journalist Steve Horn breaks another important story, Komen Foundations link to pro-fracking supporters, even as fracking is linked to cancers

–BBC crew accosted at gunpoint near Area 51

–PBC reports the current poll findings of Mervin Field, from a presentation on 10/9.  Field predicts GOP will hold House, no net change in Senate, and that the Denver debate “bounce” for Romney included an 18-point shift of women from Obama to the bishop

–we close with a very funny clip about polling and how it is spun by campaigns and the media, from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show