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PBC News & Comment Friday, October 12

Veep debate analysis: Ryan and Biden traded jabs and fibs, few minds were changed; moderator injected bad premises, Beltway nonsense    PBC offers comments on the Vice Presidential debate Thursday night, the truth took hits from both guys: On Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq votes and Social Security.  Martha Raddatz was better than Jim Lehrer, but did not ask important questions, challenge BS or go outside the lines of false conventional Beltway thinking.

In excerpts from today’s in-depth interview podcast, we hear Peter van Buren offer a true narrative of the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack that belies Biden’s excuses and Ryan’s claims that it wouldn’t have happened under a (gasp!) President Romney

We also hear Rep. Jackie Speier talk about the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military and her recent inspection of Lackland AFB in Texas

–Supreme Court declines to reinstate 4th amendment, declines to hear suit against immunity of telecoms for wiretapping us

–NYC survives a week with terror suspects extradited from UK

–Pentagon boss Leon Panetta issues dire warning of possible cyberattacks; he and media fail to point out that we are aggressors in cyberwarfare