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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, October 17

PBC breaks down the debate, WTF Smackdown #2; Obama performed well, but was robotic and dodged many questions....Romney worked the Etch-a-Sketch again, but blundered by bulldozing moderator Candy Crowley multiple times.  The debate was staged like a reality/game show, and Crowley filtered the questions to make sure that many important topics were not mentioned.  Bishop Romney called himself a "pastor", and blew it when he dramatically charged Obama with failing to label the Benghazi attack a "terrorist" event.  Crowley told him he was wrong, but the truth lies in between the rhetorical goalposts.  As predicted by your humble host, NDAA, surveillance, Guantanamo and other issues were not included.

--former FISA court judge scoffs at government secrecy

--we hear an excerpt from our interview with Steve Horn, about the role of fracking industry leaders in the Susan G. Komen Foundation, whose mission is to fight breast cancer

--an appeal from California challenges the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, which keeps it illegal under federal law, and blocks research

--a former defense contractor and critic of NDAA is trapped in Honolulu, a victim of the "no-fly list".

--Iranian-American Arbabsiar pleads guilty to fictional terror plot exposed in 2011

--breaking: FBI sting sets up attack on NY Federal Reserve, then blocks it, proclaiming they are keeping us safe from scripts from "24" and "Homeland"