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PBC News & Comment Thursday, October 18

Two more Americans killed in Afghan “insider” attack–who will be the last to die?–the question in Springsteen song….    –and why has the powerful NY Times editorial of 10.14.12 been ignored, especially in the Hofstra debate?

–Bruce is campaigning for Obama in Ohio, did a mini-concert in Parma that apparently did not include “Last to Die”

–Green Party prez candidate Jill Stein and her veep were arrested at Hofstra for trying to enter the auditorium, shackled to a chair for about 8 hours…no coverage in corporate media, but we hear a lot about Putin’s crackdown on dissent in Russia

–Jason Leopold of Truthout completes another important investigation into the September death at Guantanamo of Yemeni Adnan Latif.  Leopold will be on this podcast next week, read his report here

–KSM wears camo vest to kangaroo court at Gitmo, delivers legit criticism of “national security” claims used to block admissions of his torture

–update on prosecution of ex-CIA John Kiriakou, the only person being held accountable for US torture–becuase he told the trugh about it

–more details–all from our government–on the sting that nabbed a 21-year old Bangladeshi set up by the FBI to bomb NY Fed building

–Libya names commander of Benghazi raid–will that be sufficient evidence to kill him with a drone?

–woman in Texas is standing her ground, refusing to allow Keyston pipeline to cross her ranch

–a second Federal appeals court has found Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act discriminatory, unconstitutional

–violent crime in Oakland up 20% in past year; are more rogue cops on the beat the solution?

–protest of planned drones in Alameda County (includes Oakland)

SF Chronicle columnist continues the paper’s vendetta against reinstated sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

–Boys with toys: Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison’s 72-foot catamaran flips and drifts out to sea