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PBC News & Comment Friday, October 19

Fake newsman asks Obama the tough questions that real newspeople won’t ask–Jon Stewart puts corporate media to shame, again…On Thursday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart does it again!  Despite the pressure of interviewing the President on a comedy show, Stewart demonstrates that he is extremely well-informed and willing to ask Obama about the surveillance state, the trading of constitutional rights for nominal security, and why the administration kept maintaining that the Benghazi attack was a “spontaneous” reaction to the anti-Muslim video even after it was clear that it’s not true.

While Obama’s answers often deflected the question asked, he did say that he still wants to close Guantanamo–which he has not mentioned for almost 3 years.  The President’s answers were often just campaign talking points or BS, but Stewart deserves max credit for raising the questions that don’t come up in the carefully controlled campaign environment, including the TV debates.

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At the close, I honor my mother, Mary Alice, and my brother, Tom, who share this date as their birthday.  Tom was born on Mom’s 25th birthday.