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PBC News & Comment Monday, October 22

Obama-Romney WTF Smackdown #3: final debate on foreign policy tonight–what important topics will not be covered? Listen….PBC lists important subjects that will either not be included or will produce a barrage of rhetoric with little truth.  As Scott Shane pointed out in Sunday’s NY Times, the “opiate of American exceptionalism” will be embraced by both candidates

–excerpt from interview with Truthout’s Jason Leopold on his story about 10-year Gitmo prisoner, Adnan Latif

–Leopold also talked about the overturning of “material support” conviction in Hamdan case, and Obama’s cave-in on holding KSM trial in NYC

–US-Iran agree to bilateral talks about nukes, after the election

–Israel intercepts boat wiht peace activists on its way to Gaza; emir from Qatar will visit Gaza this week; Fatah wins West Bank elections boycotted by Hamas; American supporters of Israel decry Christians who speak up for Palestinian rights

–more details on CIA involvement of Facebook courtship by Anwar al-Awlaki of his third wife, a Croation; American yenta-spooks pent $250,000 to plant a GPS locator in her suitcase, but she foiled them

NY Times acknowledges GOP efforts to manipulate the presidential election, as we have reported here–most recently in Friday’s podcast with Brad Friedman

–PBC reminisces about his 1972 encounter with American Indian Movement leader Russell Means, who died at 72

–Sen. George McGovern, Dem presidential candidate in 1972, dies at 90.  He lost, at least in part, due to Nixon’s dirty tricks, including Watergate.  We end with Watergate parody song by John Records Landecker